Pastor’s Information Class is held as needed for those with a non-Lutheran background wishing to join our church. They also are wonderful opportunities for those with Lutheran backgrounds to refresh their understanding of the teachings of the Lutheran faith. This six session series of discussions, led by Pastor Nickel, touches on Luther’s six chief parts of Christian doctrine. The discussions also cover a wide range of contemporary topics from a Lutheran, Biblical perspective. Contact the church office with any questions about dates and times.


The meaning, power and promise of Holy Baptism rest entirely on the One who lived perfectly in our place and who suffered and died as the sacrificial ransom for the sins of the world. He rose victorious over death and the grave. In Holy Baptism, we receive all the blessings of Christ’s atoning sacrifice. Anyone interested in having their child or themselves baptized, publically or privately, please contact the Church Office and make an appointment with Pastor Nickel.


Confirmation classes are held for 7th and 8th grade students. Class is held during the Sunday school hour.

Participants are expected to attend Sunday School, participate as an Acolyte, and be an active member of the church. To find out more about Confirmation Classes, contact the Church Office.


New member classes are taught by Pastor Nickel and include an overview of the Christian faith, with special emphasis on what Lutherans believe, teach, and confess. This class is a “must” for new members or those interested in joining the Lutheran Church and an excellent refresher for our current members. Contact the Church Office if you are curious about what we teach at HWLC or if you are interested in joining our Church; this is the class for you.


Couples wishing to be married at Huntington Woods Lutheran Church are asked to participate in a three session pre-marriage counseling experience led by Pastor Nickel. These sessions help couples to better understand themselves and their relationship. For many these sessions have proved to be the highlight of their pre-marriage preparations. Contact Pastor Nickel to make arrangements for these sessions.